Empty The Tanks 2016 – Miami SeaQuarium (5/7/2016 11-2pm)

Empty The Tanks 2016This is a day for everyone around the world to stand up against marine mammal captivity. The abuse and exploitation of these sentient beings has no place in the 21st century.

On May 7th, 2016, protests and educational events will be held all over the world in front of marine mammal parks and aquariums. If the park is exploiting marine mammals for entertainment and profit then we want people out front creating noise and awareness. The only way to close their doors for good is to get the general public to stop buying tickets. We need your voice, your posters, and your dedication to seeing an end to the captivity industry.

The Miami SeaQuarium confines a number of dolphins, sea lions, alligators, African penguins, and an orca named Lolita - taken from her home in the ocean over 45 years ago! We need your voice outside of this hell hole where the loneliest Orca in the world is imprisoned! Come out and create awareness for Lolita, BE HER VOICE! Everyone is welcome at this protest; say what you want, do what you want! This is America, and we have freedoms others fought hard for, we will never forgive and we will never forget! Exercise your Rights within the boundaries of the law. We will be there to make as much noise as possible, create as much awareness as possible, and persuade patrons to change their plans! TURN AROUND!

Code of Conduct: We cannot go on the Miami SeaQuarium property, so please DO NOT park in their parking lot ($10 fee (profit)). There is ample parking before and after their property, and it's free. We will meet in front of the SeaQuarium's main entrance and are allowed to stand on the sidewalks and grassy areas. It's important not to stand in the street or impede traffic entering the SeaQuarium (or you could get arrested - Pftt).

Protest Parking Miami SeaQuarium

The Miami SeaQuarium is located at 4400 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149. I hope to see you there, we will have signs but please bring your own if you can. If you have any questions you can contact me at thecove3@gmail.com or through the event page on Facebook.

Please share the event in your network, in solidarity always, come out and join us!

Expect Us!!

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Chrisinte Lawrende

4 years ago

i will be there in Miami to protest November 17, 2018. I have protested in marches twice in Las Vegas, but now I"m on my way to Miami to join the activists there. Please look out for me, I may bring my own poster, or I may be in need of one. I'll see if I can get on the plane. I have written them many letters, and Sea Word and the Dept. of Agriculture. I will keep signing petitions and writing and handing out educational brochures to educate the public. We will not stop UNTIL LOLITA IS HOME!!!!

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