February 26,2011 The sad truth of Lolita's lonely life.

For the past 40 years Lolita has been stuck in the worst tank ever made. She stays at a corner alone staring at nothing. She has her faith on us that one day soon we will come to her rescue. Baby girl we are doing all we can.  Here is the Footage of Lolita lonely just staring at nothing.

"As the essence of courage is to stake one's life on a possibility, so the essence of faith is to believe that the possibility exists."

13 thoughts on “February 26,2011 The sad truth of Lolita's lonely life.”

  1. How sad.....what a horrible, lonely existence. To those who think that she is happy....ask yourself this --"How would I feel if I were put into a room, with nothing to do, no one to talk to, and the only way to have any interaction with another creature (not of my species) was to perform tricks on command?" And, then imagine yourself doing this for 40 years -- and then, for the rest of your life because of someone's greed. If you can't see how this is wrong......I feel so sorry for you.

  2. This is absolutely amazing footage, and it could be any day of the past 40 years. No shade, no room to move, no company. It's just miracle that she is still alive and apparently healthy. Her strength of character and courage are inspiring. I can only guess that she has vivid memories of her life before capture, with her mom and family, cruising throughout the Salish Sea and beyond, chattering with her family and the other pods, catching and sharing salmon. She must replay her favorite memories constantly to keep her spirits up. Her current situation must still seem like a total aberration to her. You have to admire her gentle nature and her courage to perform every day and face the loneliness of the other 22 hours each day.

  3. O...M...G!!! I think my kids have more freaking room to play in their bathtub than this poor whale has in the jail cell that they call this poor excuse for a pool. The irony is that you see the pitiful size of this tank...and then just barely in the distance you see the ocean. How utterly cruel...this poor animal is being secluded to this miniscule command just out of reach of the vast world she should be living and exploring. My heart goes out to her.

  4. This is terrible. She has no where to go, nothing to do. No change of scene or rest from her surroundings. There is not even any adequate shade or shelter for her to get some respite from the sun. Who can honestly say, in their heart of hearts, that this is ok? Surely underneath it all Arthur Hertz realises this is not on??

  5. Something MUST be done to release these whales and dolphins. It is so painful to watch, it is just sickening. Why can't they see this and why don't they care? I would rather see her dead than having to live this way!

  6. My heart just aches - did you notice that Lolita/Tokitae was positioning herself in the only possible shaded area in that SeaPrison, out of the burning hot Florida sun?

    I'm writing this from my home in Olympia, Washington, just a stone's throw from Budd Inlet in Puget Sound - the southernmost part of her home waters. We want her back here at her REAL home, where the water is nice and cool, she can visit with her family and pod. NOW! She has been away too long!

  7. I would like to know why she has lived like this for so long instead of in a more natural environment? She should have things to play with and playmates. This is cruel and it seems like not enough has been done to change this. Why hasen't the public in Florida protested this? If I didn't live so far away I would be raising hell!

  8. Your insane! all for the big $$. Let the animal go. How would you like to be in her place?
    I hate people like you!

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