Lolita Miami SeaQuarium September 6, 2014 - Aerial Footage

This aerial footage was taken on September 6, 2014 over the Miami SeaQuarium showing a trainer clearly entering the water with Lolita. The Miami SeaQuarium and its new owners (Palace Entertainment & Parques Reunidos) and old management (Andrew Hertz) are blatantly disregarding Federal OSHA regulations by putting their trainers in unprotected contact with a killer whale.

The Miami SeaQuarium was fined $7,000 in June of this year for allowing trainers in the water with Lolita. At that time SeaQuarium management stated they will continue to allow trainers in the water because they feel Lolita has not hurt anyone while in captivity. This is a blatant lie and there are documented incidents where Lolita has shown aggressive behavior towards her trainers.

We will continue to monitor and report these violations to the Federal Government, namely OSHA. No one is exempt from the Law!


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