Lolita's Release Plan - The Only One That Makes Sense

Orca ConservancyThere are a number of different organizations that over the years have devised rehabilitation and release plans for Lolita (TokiTae). Some of these plans from the outside look promising, but are they really?

It's easy to create a document, call it a plan, and get everyone on board to endorse and support it. This was the case with one organization which will go unnamed. They collected donations for decades from caring and compassionate people from around the world. They also created a seemingly well thought out release plan. Many organizations and animal advocates supported and promoted this plan, that is until recently. Once you dig into the financials of these not-for-profit organizations you can quickly see how much, or little, funds they have remaining in their bank accounts. It's sad to see things like this happen, money going straight into people's pockets, and not being accumulated for the "release plan". I too once supported this organization and the man behind it.  The gears of time continue to move, and the time keeps winding down for Lolita, while she suffers in the world's smallest tank.

Not all Not-For-Profit organizations are bad, there are a handful that unfortunately should not exist. I would go further and they should be investigated for fraud and the people behind them put behind bars if crimes were committed. Those so called "activists" could then experience first hand what it's like to be stripped of your freedom and confined in a concrete box.

The only viable release plan for Lolita, and the one I fully support, was just updated by the Orca Conservancy last month. The plan is comprehensive and covers every aspect of Lolita's release. The Orca Conservancy is a solid organization with plenty of prior experience in rehabilitating and releasing captive marine mammals. They helped with the release of a captive Orca named Keiko. who later would have a movie produced called "Free Willy". They also were involved with an Orca named Springer, she was successfully relocated and reintroduced with her family in Canada. Springer went on to have a baby in the wild!

You can read the full version of the Orca Conservancy's Lolita Retirement Plan and decide for yourself. I support this plan 100%!

#Retire Lolita #FreeLolita The World's Loneliest Orca!


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