Lolita Miami SeaQuarium September 6, 2014 - Aerial Footage

This aerial footage was taken on September 6, 2014 over the Miami SeaQuarium showing a trainer clearly entering the water with Lolita. The Miami SeaQuarium and its new owners (Palace Entertainment & Parques Reunidos) and old management (Andrew Hertz) are blatantly disregarding Federal OSHA regulations by putting their trainers in unprotected contact with a killer whale.

The Miami SeaQuarium was fined $7,000 in June of this year for allowing trainers in the water with Lolita. At that time SeaQuarium management stated they will continue to allow trainers in the water because they feel Lolita has not hurt anyone while in captivity. This is a blatant lie and there are documented incidents where Lolita has shown aggressive behavior towards her trainers.

We will continue to monitor and report these violations to the Federal Government, namely OSHA. No one is exempt from the Law!


Lolita August 2, 2014 - Miami SeaQuarium - Free Lolita!

This video was taken on 8-2-2014 over the Miami SeaQuarium showing Lolita (Tokitae) all alone after her first performance of the day. It's heartbreaking knowing she has been performing stupid tricks 2 to 3 times per day for the past 44 years. She was brutally ripped from the ocean on August 8, 1970 and a month later transported to her prison called the Miami SeaQuarium. Some of her family is still alive today and with about 80 Southern Residents remaining and listed on the Endangered Species Act (ESA), Lolita is not. We are all hopeful the National Marine Fisheries Service will add her to the ESA in the beginning of next year. Until then we will keep a vigilant watch over her and continue to create awareness and educate patrons of the Miami SeaQuarium of her plight.

To the new owners of the SeaQuarium (Palace Entertainment & Parques Reunidos) and the old (Arthur & Andrew Hertz, amongst others), we are not going anywhere until she is returned to a sea pen near her native waters where you took her from in 1970!


Miami SeaQuarium Slapped With $7,000 OSHA Fine

Andrew HertzAnimal Legal Defense Fund Complaint Results in OSHA Fine for Miami Seaquarium

Seaquarium Will Pay $7000 for Endangering Trainers in the Water with Captive Orca Lolita

For immediate release:

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited and fined the Miami Seaquarium for putting trainers in the water with an orca named Lolita, thereby violating worker safety laws. The national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) sent a formal complaint about this issue to OSHA on December 11, 2013. In a recent investigation, OSHA found trainers working with Lolita were exposed to various lethal hazards. The agency has required Seaquarium to remove its trainers from engaging in “wet work and dry work performances” in the pool. Because of the serious nature of the violation OSHA is fining the Miami Seaquarium $7,000.

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